The Europeans and Environmental Impacts (1)

The next part are the environmental effects of the arrival of the Europeans.

Each are of the world has it’s own specific ecosystem, which is finely balanced to suit the conditions of that area and which is cultivated by the population living there to give the best output.

Naturally, the Europeans, thinking they were ‘superior’, decided that the large areas of land which were not rainforest or jungle - in North America - would be perfect for growing crops such as wheat, corn or maize.

And those lands were perfect for that!

Except … the new crops decimated the existing flora and fauna.

Who knows what ‘decimated’ means?

To completely destroy.

And what are ‘flora and fauna’?

The flowers, vegetation and animals which exist by eating those flower or that vegetation.

So that was another disaster for the New World.

Plants which were native to the Americas were taken back to Europe and had to be cultivated to make them more suitable for the European environment.

It wasn’t only crops etc that the European took; they also introduced livestock to the New World too.

What’s this?

A goat.

And this?

A cow.

And finally this?

A sheep.

Just checking that you know. :)

The introduction of these animals disrupted the ecosystem and food chain of the new lands and they bred millions of them. Some tribes were able to adapt to the new animals, but unfortunately, these animals tended to wipe out the animals which were already there, or move those animals to new areas.

(Note - a cow is not a fighting animal. Neither are goats or sheep.)


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