Skyscrapers and safety

The name ‘skyscraper’ comes from when the first tall buildings were built and it literally means they 'scrape the sky'. Unfortunately, the higher you build the less safe the buildings are. It is not possible to build skyscrapers which are more or less proof against earthquakes.

But it is possible to build skyscrapers which can withstand earthquakes long enough for people to evacuate. this is especially true in The Pacific Rim. 

The name of the technique used to separate the building from the ground is 'base isolation'. This means that the building is actually separated (isolated) from the ground and foundations.

This picture shows Taipei 101, which is of course
in Taipei, Taiwan. It's the the Eastern hemisphere
of the globe, and the location of the island of Taiwan means that it is within the Pacific Rim.

In the event of an earthquake, the device built into Taipei 101 is a huge golden metal ball.

Look at the picture below and notice the labels.


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